Transparent Oil Dispenser Bottle for Cooking, Easy Flow Oil and Vinegar Bottle(1ltr)


  • Made of Premium Durable BPA Free, Food Grade and Rust Resistance Unbreakable PLASTIC Material.
  • Design For Presenting Leak Out and Keep Bottle Clear. easily we can show the level of liquid.
  • Stylish Design And Easy To Use, Allow for Easy Controlled Pouring and Minimal Over Spilling.
  • Suitable for Storing Liquid Condiments Such as Most of Olive Oil, Vinegar, Red Wine, Pours Liquor, Syrup, Juice and Oils. Give You Healthy Life
  • Dishwasher Safe for Convenient Cleaning. Pouring Spouts with Lever Release Snap Lids.

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  • Made from high quality Plastic, featuring a crystal clear oil bottle, airtight packing washer & Threaded Ring, and pouring spouts with lever-release snap lid.
  • Thoughtful Design & Nonporous style :- Pourer allows for easy, controlled pouring and prevents messy spills. Drop-free spout for controlled pouring. It pours a nice stream: not too much, not too little. Nonporous style means nothing gets in.
  • Classic and elegant restaurant look and feel, the oil and vinegar dispenser allows for easy controlled pouring and minimal over spilling.
  • This high-style Plastic bottle are excellent for use with liquid beverages, ingredients, oil, vinegar, cooking wine, sauce and much more.
  • Oil Dust Proof, Leak Proof Pourer, Wine Dispenser


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