F2 Mobile Phone Magnifier 3D Video Screen


  • Simple and easy to carry, turn your mobile into a tablet anywhere. The one-piece design of the product prevents deformation and well protects its screen
  • The 3D Screen Amplifier can enlarge 4~6 times on the phone screen, more dynamic and clear picture, relieve the discomfort and visual fatigue with a good visual effect.
  • Make mobile phone screen bigger, imagery stronger. easier to watch movies videos or news on your phone.
  • 3D HD Movie Video Stand Compatible with All Smartphone. Good quality product from Infinity Brand. 100% Quality check and verified product.

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  • Enraciner 3D STEREO EFFECT- Enjoy the enjoyment of the shock caused by the impact
  • Enraciner HD LENS- The picture is clearer, new upgraded HD lens
  • Enraciner MULTI-ANGLE VIEWING- Whether you are sitting or lying down
  • Enraciner PHYSICAL SOUND CAVITY DESIGN- The sound is louder
  • Enraciner F2 SCREEN- Freely retractable design for easy storage and storage. Small size and easy to carry around for use on various occasions – indoor, camping, on the go, leisure time, etc. Lock the light source in all directions to increase the brightness of the screen. Wide range of applications, most mobile phones can be used without threshold


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